Oftentimes, our customers are just in need of a little “spruce-up” before summer. To help get you there, we offer complete landscape renovation services:

  • Complete or partial removal of current landscape for a new look or just to freshen it up;

  • Bed trenching and installation of double-processed hardwood mulch;

  • Aeration and overseeding–over time, soil becomes compacted and the turf has trouble filling in those thin and browning spots. Drought and disease can also take their toll. Aeration helps to break up the thatch, which can prevent water, fertilizer and insect controls from reaching the soil if it gets too thick.

  • Tree planting–Maple, Birch, Pine, Fir, Beech and more. Plant a Native Michigan tree in your yard- a HUGE WOW FACTOR!

  • Ornamental trees- Japanese Maple, Snowfountain Cherry, Bradford Pear, just to name a few. Think of the possibilities .

Our staff will take the time necessary to professionally care for your site.  If at any time you have any concerns regarding your service, we are easily accessible via phone allowing us to quickly respond to any needs you may have.  We pride ourselves on returning every phone call as quickly as we can as we know your time is valuable as well.