Peacock Landscaping offers landscape
design and construction services.

Our goal is to provide you with a landscape that will meet or exceed our expectations.  Landscaping is not just limited to new construction sites – many of our customers were just tired of their “worn-out” landscape and wanted something updated.  Renovations can include add-ons to to existing beds, with new plantings working together with existing ones. Other services include:

  • Finish Grading:  The equipment we use includes a Harley Rake which attaches to our compact tractor and not only works up and smooths out the soil but rakes off the larger stones and debris.  It’s an excellent way to prepare the soil for seed.

  • Hydroseeding: We apply a “slurry” of grass seed, starter fertilizer, water, and a tacifier to hold it all in place.  Seed options vary greatly depending upon the needs of our client and their site conditions. There are many different choices and the right seed blend can be determined after an initial consultation with our client.


  • Driveway services:   Grading of existing drives—freshes up and releases compacted stones. In most cases, grading reduces the need for additional stone.

Don’t guess SOIL TEST! A soil test will tell you how much nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and lime your soil needs to grow healthy plants. Depending on the condition of the soil, you may not need to add these nutrients. We will come to your site, collect soil samples, submit them to MSU, and report back to you with their findings.