"Fertilizing for a Greener Tomorrow"


A Healthy Lawn has many advantages!

It reduces run-off and soil erosion, protects groundwater and surface water quality, gives cushioning against injuries, reduces stress which benefits human health, and adds value to the home. To help our customers achieve a healthy lawn, we offer a six-step fertilization program.

    1.) Early Spring “booster” (only available with our six-step program): this application gives the turf a healthy “boost” of nitrogen and micronutrients to promote better color and health;

    2.) Spring: slow release fertilization with pre-emergent crabgrass control;

    3.) Late Spring/Early Summer:  slow-release fertilization with broadleaf weed control;

    4.) Late Summer: slow release fertilization with systemic insect control for prevention of unwanted insects and insect invasions (think grubs);

    5.) Early Fall: slow release fertilization with spot spray for broadleaf weeds; and

    6.) Mid/Late Fall: slow release fertilization.

We Also Offer The Following:

Number 1

Options for large lots/acreage for turf fertilization and weed control;

Number 2

Pre-emergent weed control to shrub and flower beds offering season-long protection!

Number 3

Fertilization to ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials: we use a blend of humic acid, sea kelp, iron, and salicylic acid for increased nutrient availability, improved root growth and resistance to plant stress;

Number 4

Plant Growth Regulators: designed to promote consistent, non-sporadic growth, resulting in thicker, healthier-looking shrubs/bushes.

Be aware – not all fertilizers are created equal! Our program promotes long lasting color, increased plant health, and controlled growth over the course of the growing season.  We use only slow-release fertilizer (for a natural growth, not “spurts”) and uniquely incorporate micronutrients to not only help to create the lush green lawn you are looking for, but more importantly to build healthy soils for increased long-term sustainability.

Applications are timed monthly over the course of the growing season from early spring through fall to get the adequate amount of nutrients your turf needs.

We also offer consultation services on proper maintenance practices such as cutting and watering, both of which are equally important in achieving an overall healthy lawn.