At Peacock Landscaping, L.L.C., we practice smart watering for healthy landscapes!

The old phrase, “wetter is better” is a myth.  Too much, or too little, watering is the cause of many common turf and plant problems. You can have a healthy landscape, save money on your water bills, and conserve precious water resources by providing just what it needs, and no more. Irrigation services we offer are:

  • System start up & winterization;

  • Analyzation of current system to promote efficiency;

  • Installation of a rain sensor which automatically delays watering after a rain;

  • Installation of a soil moisture sensor which automatically determines when to water;

  • Installation of a Smart Controller which automatically determines when, how much, and how often to water;

  • We also offer nozzle change-outs (that little hole in your sprinkler head where the water comes out) for HUGE results in your quest for optimum results.

Do you know how much water your system is using in its cycle? Remember, wetter is not better!  Call us for a free consultation on how we can help you have a healthier landscape, save money on your water bill, and preserve our natural resources.